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  • complex legal services to persons forming companies, single start-up companies as well as to investors, aiming at the fulfillment of their enterprise intentions in a dynamic and innovative start-up environment,
  • legal assistance to clients (persons forming companies, start-up companies or investors) in all phases of the start-up existence that begin with the provision of legal support in so-called pre-existing phase of a company, then move to the formation of a company in an appropriate form, adjusting of a corporate governance model and contractual arrangement of relations between the company’s founders and partners,
  • legal services related to the protection of intellectual property, administrative adjustment of contractual relations with business partners and clients of the start-up companies, arrangement of all necessary permits and consents about public law regulations and formation of function-related remuneration and motivation systems for employees and contractual partners of the start-up companies,
  • adjustation of terms and conditions for financing the start-up companies by investors, particularly in the form of a private equity and venture capital,
  • representation our clients in the preparation of contractual documentation and negotiation of contractual terms and conditions for the entrance, due diligence of the start-up company, provision of financial means, appreciation of investments and investor’s role in the structure of a start-up company,
  • legal support in entering the foreign markets, in particular the markets of Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Argentina, Singapore, Vietnam and USA.