We don’t see borders.
We see possibilities.

25 years of legal support in the Czech Republic,
Slovakia and Poland.
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About us

We could start the story about our law firm saying that we operate in the territory of three countries: Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We could say that we have over 20 years of experience providing services to companies and corporations, including those operating in capital markets. It’s all true. However, this is not what makes us different.

We stand out by understanding the real needs and expectations of companies operating on the Polish, Czech and Slovak markets. We speak these languages. We know three completely different legal systems and we perfectly understand them. We know what problems entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia face on a daily basis. We understand not only regulations but also culture, mentality and expectations.

We focus on efficient and transparent communication. We are always close to our customers and their needs, regardless of whether they are located in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and many other countries in the world.

We know what to do. And we know how to do it for the benefit of your business.