Commercial agreements

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  • active participation in negotiations concerning agreements of various types, including non-standards contracts,
  • legal assistance in amendments to the agreements in the period of their duration, in the negotiation of terms and conditions for the agreement termination, as well as in cases of a breach by a contractual partner,
  • agreements on disposal of real property – purchase, inheritance, exchange agreements, agreement on the establishment of the easement, lease agreement, sublease agreement, pledge agreement,
  • agreement on the disposal of a commercial share, agreement on stock disposal, memorandum of association or contracts, agreements between shareholders and stockholders, agreements between statutory bodies and companies,
  • the loan agreement, agreement on investments, agreement of assignment of claim,
  • the purchase agreement, contract for the provision of specific work, agreement on commercial representation, contract of agency, consignment contract,
  • license agreement, general business terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreement, non-competition agreement, etc.