Ilona Motyková

Senior Operations and Strategy Manager Go back

Ilona Motyková has been supporting the lawyers and administrative team of HAJDUK & PARTNERS for almost ten years. At work, she believes that the key to success is a good atmosphere, efficient functioning of processes, and professionalism.

Daily, Ilona cooperates with three departments of HAJDUK & PARTNERS – finance, HR, and marketing. She advises and coordinates the workflow of the people involved and is responsible for implementing the strategy. Her tasks include improving the work processes of lawyers and other specialists. Ilona is responsible for introducing changes and innovations – organizational and in the field of communication. In addition, she helps team members develop new skills and improve the difficult art of teamwork. She takes care of the comfort of employees and supports them in improving the quality and efficiency of their tasks.

Ilona efficiently combines soft skills with technical skills. Her knowledge and experience are used by a team of lawyers, colleagues from the back office, and external companies cooperating with HAJDUK & PARTNERS, with whom she is in constant contact.

Ilona’s strong point is communication, which was also confirmed by the GALLUP CliftonStrengths test. She believes that trust, empathy, and understanding are the values that constitute the foundation of successful cooperation. Taking care of relationships and constantly improving work efficiency are the goals that drive her to act.

She is a graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and she gained professional experience, among others, at the Institute of Internal Auditors in Prague (Český Institut Interních Auditorů). Ilona communicates in Czech, English, and Polish.

Ilona likes to spent her free time with family and friends. She enjoys traveling, exploring retreats designed for meditation and working with the mind.