Jakub Sembol

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Jakub Sembol is a very experienced attorney, who’s able to talk fluently in Polish, Czech and English. This makes him a perfect match for HAJDUK & PARTNERS and allows him to strengthen the firm’s international identity.

His main responsibilities revolve around supporting Polish entrepreneurs who’d like to enter the Czech market. As he’s been bound from the very first moments of life to both Czechia and Poland, he’s aware of deep differences in the approach to business between two nations. While he mostly focuses on labour and corporate laws, he’s able to address all of the needs and concerns of his clients.

He’s been a strong advocate of lawyers choosing their own specializations, as he believes there’s nothing more satisfying than to be an expert in the branches of law that one likes. Because of this, he doesn’t hold any preference for whom his clients are and can always provide adequate services to all of them. He is also interested in using legal technology to make his work quicker. He appreciates direct contact with his clients. He knows Czech, Polish, and English.

He enjoys mountain hiking after work.