David Sliwka

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Representing the brand new lot and wave of Czech lawyers, David Sliwka has quickly become a staple in our team’s composition. Having finished his studies back in 2017, he joined HAJDUK & PARTNERS and stayed with us through all these years. Now, as an attorney, he has developed in all the right ways a lawyer should do.

David’s main fields of specialization revolve around 3 topics – corporate law, M&As and investment law. As he deals with these complex and nuanced issues, he often comes up with creative and intricate solutions. One of his key objectives, almost a point of honour, is to provide as much value to the client as possible.

Having entered the industry a few years ago, he has quite an interesting view on the legal industry as a whole. He decided to opt for a specialised approach, as he wants to, and already has, become an expert in the fields which he enjoys. He also adapts some modern trends, like making the outcome of his work user friendly and easily understandable to the client.

Sports are his favourite pastimes, most notably football and climbing. The languages he speaks are Czech and English, while he understands Polish and Slovak to some extent.