The law firm HAJDUK & PARTNERS providing legal services acknowledges social and ethical responsible. Furthermore, the Law Firm has intensely cooperated with the Charity Jablunkov within its pro bono activities. The voluntary legal services for the Charity are secured by the partner of the Law Firm JUDr. Marek Jakubík. Main aim of voluntary services is enable all people, who cannot afford services of attorney or notary to use professional legal services.

The Charity Jablunkov is non-profit NGO, found as ecclesiastical legal person. The aim of the Charity is come to individual people’s assistance by: running the day care centre, providing free legal services and humanitarian aid, i.e. running humanitarian warehouse and taking actions to help people in need.

The founder of the Charity in Jablunkov was the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ostrava-Opava – the bishop František Václav Lobkowicz. It was founded on the 1st January 2001 and is guided by articles of the Charita of the Diocese of Ostrava-Opava.